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Adding a livewell

Discussion in 'Boat Repairs' started by rangerman, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. rangerman

    rangerman Fisherman

    Feb 7, 2010
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    Batesville, AR

    Hey guys, I have a Lowe 1440 Jon boat that I keep on my little private lake for when I want to make a quick and easy fishing trip without having to go to the trouble of launching my Ranger. It doesn't have a livewell and that has always bothered me because fishing is all I do in it and I've always had to use a cooler. It gets old having to dip water in and out of the cooler and I'd rather not buy a portable livewell until I see its my only option left. Its not the expense of a portable livewell because I know my idea isn't going to be cheap but its what I'd rather have. I'm thinking of installing a gravity livewell like what sometimes comes in a jonboat. My dad has a factory built gravity livewell in his 14' Jon and I'm wondering if I could use his as a pattern. I'm thinking of buying some aluminum sheets and having my friend tig weld them into a box (since he tig welds for a living) Anyways, I wonder if it will work right as long as I make the aluminum pipe that comes out of the livewell floor the exact same as my dad's? Or is there more that goes to this than meets the eye? Anyone know?
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