Any Fisher Bass Boat knowledge?

Discussion in 'Bass Boat Reviews' started by dbltap, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. dbltap

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  2. ampdreamer1

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    hopatcong, nj

    i dont really know about fisher glass boats but have a friend with a tin one and he loved it. the boat looks awsome though. great colors. also a good find with a 200 efi. looks good but i'd offer 10,000 and see what the come back # is because i've seen straus 21's go for that price same year.
  3. Nichor02

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    Byhalia, Ms.

    Wow. Beautiful rig. I have seen hundreds of them before, but never knew anyone personally that had one. I don't see where I would have a problem with it myself. I know they are top of the line in aluminum.
  4. kipp

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    Lake Sinclair Ga

    John Storie left Cobra boats, lost his new Hawk Line and created Pro Craft, Astro, and Fisher Fiberglass is the closest explanation I remember..
    Then he sold to Johnny Morris BPS/Tracker Marine..
    Its basically a Nitro Hull....I heard a while back the parts we interchangeable and available
  5. FisherMan

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    Now here we go... What ya wanna know?? I have an FX 21 Tournament S/C. Love it!

    Tons of storage, nice dry ride, boat handles awesome. You are right, the last year they made them was 1998 I believe. I actually bought one of the last ones made in '97 before they closed it up in early '98. The hull is close to a Nitro but is different. In certain ways, I liked the Fisher setup more than the Nitro packages.

    The only thing I see missing in the pictures is the Windshields. They help a little but not totally needed.

    Any questions about this rig let me know. I'd be happy to help!
  6. scotty34

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    York PA

    Buddy of mine has the exact same color combo on his FX21. Plenty of room lay out was the same on the 19-21s. Check the transome very closely inside and out. They had some problems with them another guy in my club had to have his fx 19 transome replaced they doubled the thickness of it for him.
    Then have the engine gone over good.
    Seems a little over priced for the age and closed mfg.
  7. FisherMan

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    I agree, some of the transoms were weak, but the final years they fixed taht issue. You can tell by looking along side the jack plate and see if there are any vertical cracks. They did have issues where the back wall was not sprayed thick enough or had hollow spots. My 97 has no issues with that and no cracks. I am running a jack plate too so that adds extra offset weight and still no cracks.

    Here are some prices. they want about 2 grand more than its worth. But the Blue Book does nto take into account the Trolling motor which could easily be a grand, and other electronics in the boat look like cheap eagles.

    I would only offer them $9,500 at the most.

    Top link includes trailer and outboard, but doesn't let you pick the HP but its close. Following is teh price of the traieler and outboard seperate.
  8. lakes

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    South Bend

    My first posting, but I did own one for 10 years. It was a solid performer, much lighter hull design but very efficient on the fuel. I had always been told it was Johnny Morris's design and Fishers intro to the glass market and manufactured at the Procraft plant. That was in 96-97, I have no clue today. It is hard finding any info about the boat. I sold mine last year for the same price I bought it for in 99. Purchase low and sell high!
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