Best Boat in Choppy Waters

Discussion in 'Bass Boat Reviews' started by KWatson, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. What do you think is the best boat to be operating in the most worst choppy water conditions?
  2. quinsigman Member

    Shrewsbury, MA

    Champion, that's what i drive. New England is always windy and it is the best ride in the chop. I may be a little jaded.
  3. FisherMan Active Member


    I have road, in Ranger, Skeeters, Nitro's, Tritons, Champions and a Stroker. and out of all of those... My Fisher still rides the best. Not sure why, it does have the pro-craft style hull I beleive. IF I was to pick one boat not being mine, it would be the Skeeter, O think road the next best.
  4. Nichor02 Asst. Operations Director

    Byhalia, Ms.

    The Ski Boat I used to have. hahahahha
  5. remington Champion Boat Officer


    Champion & Chargers
  6. 4strokes Active Member


    Gambler Intimidator all the way, after riding & fishing in one at Guntersville a few weeks ago Gambler will be my next boat !

    Awesome ride, fit & finish, speed & beauty & extremely fishable.
  7. copper New York Fishing Report Officer

    The Phoenix is a good rough water boat.
  8. MHOLCOMB7 New Member

    Lake Powell AZ.

    Champion 206. We have some of the biggest water out on the west here on Lake Powell and the 206 Is my Chioce
  9. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer


    Even though I have not experienced it personally. I would have to say

    1. Lanier Custom Boat. (Cat hulls just blow away V hulls when it gets really rough...just watch offshore racing)

    2. Allison XB21

    3rd place can be argued amonsgt the Champion, Bass Cat, Ranger, Triton, Stratos etc. etc. etc. ;)

    Other boats of interest: The Bullet 21xd is actually 2 inches shy of 22' and Moodcraft has a 23' Bass Boat!
  10. Mr Gambler Mr Gambler

    Fresno Ca.

    They don"t make the best anymore, it was a 198 ste by dyna-trac, I had one and you could run in 3-4 foot chop and still drink a cup of coffee:D
  11. NMfishFinder New Mexico Fishing Report Officer

    I like my Nitro, I think alot of rough water has to do with how good a wheel you are, a great driver can may a crappy boat feel pretty good.
  12. Nichor02 Asst. Operations Director

    Byhalia, Ms.

    Well, NMF, that's it then. What the hell happens when a crappy driver gets into a good boat??? I need to know so I can defend myself. hahahahaa
  13. Big Skeet™ Member


    Agreed! My Skeeter ZX is setup up right for big water, it's the driver and the setup that is critical. Both require time in big water to fine too as with most things. In the great lakes, everything has to be reinforced and bolted vs. screwed in. Also, you need to inspect the rig after every big trip and tighten everything that has worked it's way loose. Silicone the screws too.....
  14. copper New York Fishing Report Officer

    That was one hellva good riding boat!
  15. NMfishFinder New Mexico Fishing Report Officer

    A crappy driver in a great boat is the worst! the boat goes strait and now they get confident that they are an offshore captain! God help us all
  16. mobybassdog New Member


    They are all good when you are twenty, but when you are fifty yrs old they all tend to ride a little harder. LOL
  17. genxer36 Lord of Tomfoolery

    Bethlehem, Georgia

  18. JESTERxHEAD New Member

    BumFu*k, Egypt

    My stratos is "ok" and managable in rough water.... but as smoothness it would have to be a champion......

    maybe when I come up with enough monoply money I can buy a new one.
  19. 4strokes Active Member


    Amen to that :D
  20. mr.coon New Member


    :first:Champion Champion Champion

    the only boat i have been in that came close was a 20' Progator. it is not all about the driver either. that is a cop out.

    i have ridden in and driven skeeters, rangers, bass cats, cajuns, vectors, and triton's of various sizes and models to name a few. none of them can take the waves like a Champion. they can make it of course, but not with the comfort, dryness and speed of a Champion. that is just the fact of the matter. i know how to drive. when i am not in my boat, i get asked to drive by my partners on toledo bend when the wind picks up. i have yet to make any of their boats perform anywhere near a champion's level. they can't because you can't beat physics. the others hulls' can't do what a champ's does. end of story.
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