Dyna-Track 194

Discussion in 'Bass Boat Reviews' started by Nichor02, May 29, 2011.

  1. Nichor02

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    Byhalia, Ms.

    Anybody ever owned or rode in one of these boats? My brother just traded for one and this thing is sharp. It has the center console, and the decks are huge. Got a Yamaha 175 Pro on it. The rod locker itself will probably hold 30 rod combos. We took it out on Saturday and tried it out. Water got very rough as the wind came up as always. But the ol girl handled it perfectly. I've been told that Ebbtide makes it. I just think it's one of the sharpest boats I've seen. Love the center console on this thing.
  2. 4strokes

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    Yeah they are sharp rides & built to take it, had one while I lived in Florida ... had a 200 Rude on it & that dog would hunt ;)
  3. copper

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    I had a 1996 194 ramrod in duel consoules, it was a great boat. had a ProV 150 on it. She wasn't the fastest boat on the water, but she rode well, was comfortable and had lots of fishing room and storage. Yes, they were made by Ebbtide Corp. and I believe 1999 was the last year the Dyna-Trak line was made.
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    I own a 91 194 STE and it is a nice rig. Rides rough water really good and will scoot with the Yamaha Pro V 200hp tagging along. Big easy access live wells and nice rod locker. He should like his boat.

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