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    Totally Impressed!!!

    Kamakazee sent me quite a bit of different baits, this really helped as far as giving them a broad spectrum of reviews....

    First off, this company is located out of Emmett, Idaho.

    Their Plastics are top notched, Not only did i catch fish on them, but i tested them against other products on the same fish, without success like the Kamakazee baits.

    They caught white bass as well, thats when really surprised!

    There packaging was very informative, i hate looking on packages to locate the color and length. Kamakaze had all of this right on a label, which allowed me to change up quickly with out killing my eyeballs.

    I truly think this company is going to go somewhere, once they get more advertising on their products out!! I know they are a west coast provider, but once the word gets out about this product, i think they can go national, if they have not yet!!

    The Colors on this bait appear to be consistant and stand out!! I think this is very important when it comes to bait selection!!

    If you get a chance, you definetly need to check these baits out:


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