Mercury 250 Pro XS VS Yamaha 250 SHO

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    Mercury 250 Pro XS VS Yamaha 250 SHO

    I know this is probably more a Ford Chevy thing but am interested in the direction the industry and technology is going.. I like certain characteristics about both. I wonder if in say 5 years there will be a clear choice 2stroke or 4 stroke. I'm very interested in hearing both sides. One example is Skeeter supposedly working with Yamaha SHO to build a boat that fits a motor. I would like to see how an FX21 would run with a Pro XS strapped on. I also understand that sometimes you can also just get an engine that turns out to be problematic when another exactly same motor could be flawless for 10 years. It seems every year I watch the Elite series, there is some new innovation or direction everything starts moving towards. Will it be motors or something else.
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