Phoenix Hangs the Yamaha SHO!

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  1. JEVPhoenixBass Member

    SW MO

    The Phoenix Bass Boat team has placed the Yamaha SHO on line as a power option for the Phoenix Bass Boat Line. In a conversation with Mike Walker of Phoenix Bass Boats, Mike stated that the 721 Pro was running MPH with a dual console set up, 35 gallons of fuel, full livewells and two 200+ pounders in the boat. Hole shot was reported to be 3 seconds with good midrange response and top end speeds as shown above. With the boat set up with one console and driver only with the same fuel and livewell set up Mike stated he was pushing 79 MPH running a 27" T1 prop. Yamaha is still working on propping out the motor at this time.

    My Merc powered demo is for sale boys and girls......
  2. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer



    Sounds awesome. Like anything new, I imagine its gonna take a while to truely dial it in figuring out what the SHO likes and all. Which means boys and girls there is a lot more left in it. These truely COULD be the fastest stock bass motors in their respective HP classes. WOW, never in a million years would I thought I would even specualte such a thing

    'Bout time you came to your senses JEV and got some REAL power
  3. Bonsaibp Guest

    how many mph? It'll be interesting to see how this new yammie performs
  4. KonaKustoms BBM Fiberglass and Restorations Oficer

    Just like every other Yamaha......It will outrun the Black Mota!!
  5. JEVPhoenixBass Member

    SW MO


    Don't tell anyone but I went from Yamaha and Skeeter to Phoenix and Merc's just six or seven months ago. Many hours on the "Hammer" and Series 2. Love that motor. Phoeinx wanted me running the Merc but, who says once you go black you'll never go back????:D

  6. JEVPhoenixBass Member

    SW MO

    Sorry Kona...

    I've smoked several of the blue motors in derbies..... love the look on the face of those 75 MPH boats as I go by doing 72....... :D:D
    You know also that some can take a slower boat and outrun a faster boat simply by how they drive. I'm talking about straight line running!
  7. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer


    Dang JEV, that had to have been hard going from 3.3L's of raw torque that runs sewing machine smooooth to something that sounds like a dirt devil that sucked up a bunch of marbles!


    Your back to where your 'posed to be ;)
  8. JEVPhoenixBass Member

    SW MO

    Not yet but..... I kept all the Yamaha hats, shirts, and jackets!!!
  9. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer


    Awesome, you can use the money saved buying new underwear after you shart yourself the first time you step on the hotfoot!

  10. KonaKustoms BBM Fiberglass and Restorations Oficer

    Actually all the new motors run great and it is more driver anymore than motor, I like mercs but love the yamaha motors, Heck I have been lookin at the new suzuki 250 we rigged a few weeks ago and it actually had good numbers! Ran there azz off on a twin setup!

    Hard for me to change after racing the yamaha motors for so many years, but if I was getting a free ride I would run a
  11. mburgess 1999 519svs 225 optimax

    Lawrenceburg, Ky

  12. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer



    C'mon Bro... This aint 1989 :D:D:D:D:D:D

    Black doesn't automatically equal fastest by ANY means any more. Those days are long gone. Fact is, it really depends on what HP class you are talking about AND what hull it is on. Different hulls like different makes of motors. Heck, from what I have read, the Stratos 201XLE runs the fastest with a 250HO ETEC, followed by the VMAX HPDI and the Proxs is in 3rd

    With 175's on equal hulls more times than not, I would place my money on the Yammie 175 VMAX HPDI, with the 175 proxs next and the 175 ETEC WAY behind.

    115's, Even though I have never even been around the new HO (just regular 115) My money would go on the 115HO over the Yammie and Merc everytime.

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  13. Little Big Man New Member

    lawrenceburg ky.

    Yeah,but that's talking about a rejected ranger.:maxshoot3::wallbash::shotgunn6kb::duel::duel::duel:
  14. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer


    Nah, your thinking about a Champion :(

    My guees is Stratos will be the Performance line from Platinum...

    What are you talking about anyway. They put Mercs on Nitro's to keep them slow enough the hulls don't split apart! :sign0108:;););)
  15. egreen024 Member

    Milan, NY 12571

    Think we should have a comedy forum, Since we have a few comedians here, lol
  16. KonaKustoms BBM Fiberglass and Restorations Oficer

    No Shitz......I can probally get in your boat and get 5+ mph out of it!!!
    Not patin myself on the azz but I have raced boats for 20 yrs. and im tellin ya rite here that driver is 95%+ of the numbers!!!!

    All the new motors are pretty much equal until ya get a good driver/setup on the hull!!!
  17. KonaKustoms BBM Fiberglass and Restorations Oficer

    The numbers you read are with verry skilled drivers and perfect setup!!
    most guys will not get within 10+ of the big mph

    they are so equal anymore and all haul azz!! way to fast for a first time owner!!!
  18. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer


    Spot on...

    Even if you look at the old B&WB shootouts the actual difference between the big 3 was about a .5 to 2 mph seperation on some of the tests. Hardly what I would call a dominating speed advantage.

    They all run pretty close these days
  19. KonaKustoms BBM Fiberglass and Restorations Oficer

    This is really the truth......put 2 guys in the boats let them run, then swap boats and let them run and you will see the proof!!!!

    All the new rigs run great and are more than fast enough for joe boater!!!

    Then ya start stepping up to Allison or another that will really go fast, which the average public has no business This is when people get hurt, they are not as forgiving as a trition....lmao they WILL throw ya out....roflmao
  20. Little Big Man New Member

    lawrenceburg ky.

    the other 5% is the black:sign0108::sign0108:

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