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Phoenix Hangs the Yamaha SHO!

Discussion in 'Phoenix Boats' started by JEVPhoenixBass, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. JEVPhoenixBass

    JEVPhoenixBass Fisherman

    Nov 18, 2009
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    SW MO

    The Phoenix Bass Boat team has placed the Yamaha SHO on line as a power option for the Phoenix Bass Boat Line. In a conversation with Mike Walker of Phoenix Bass Boats, Mike stated that the 721 Pro was running MPH with a dual console set up, 35 gallons of fuel, full livewells and two 200+ pounders in the boat. Hole shot was reported to be 3 seconds with good midrange response and top end speeds as shown above. With the boat set up with one console and driver only with the same fuel and livewell set up Mike stated he was pushing 79 MPH running a 27" T1 prop. Yamaha is still working on propping out the motor at this time.

    My Merc powered demo is for sale boys and girls......
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