Stratos Wiring Schematics

Discussion in 'Stratos Boat Owners Showcase' started by Nightmare, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Nightmare Guest

    If you have a good wiring schematic that you can scan into a good legible file, let's post 'em up. You never know when someone may need a little help.

    Please post year and model/s in your title line. ;)
  2. Nightmare Guest

    1989 285 Pro

    Also includes models 275, 279, 289, and 201.

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  3. Nightmare Guest


    Diagram for the OMC 12/24V TM, from batteries to plug-in receptacle at nose, when wired with the "old" run/charge toggle switch.


    Diagram for the OMC 12/24V TM, from batteries to plug-in receptacle at nose, when wired without the "old" run/charge toggle switch.


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  4. zooker Member


    nighty them wirin diagrams can also include the 258,268,j160,j170.. since they are the excat same as the one i have for my boat-j160-..

  5. Nightmare Guest

    Pre '95 OMC engine/trim harness


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  6. Nightmare Guest

    OMC Standard Switches


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  7. Nightmare Guest

    OMC Timer


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  8. Stratos 201 New Member

    South Carolina

    I can't get the schematics large enough to see what is going on without it distorting tow where I can't read them. What all is the master aerator supposed to activate?
  9. KonaKustoms BBM Fiberglass and Restorations Oficer

    If you guys need a wiring schematic on something let me know ok, I will try to get back to the parts room and get it for ya!
  10. Nightmare Guest

    Specify exactly which one you're looking at and I'll check my files. Some of them are .pdf which is great for blowing up but the script doesn't accommodate that file type. I can then email it to you. Deal? ;)

    Right now, I can't immediately answer your ? re: master aerator switch. :(
  11. Nightmare Guest

    Primary hull wiring

    Hulls '92 and newer


    Hulls pre-'92


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  12. buckshooter2002 New Member


    I need the PRE 95 OMC Engine/Trim harness wiring diagram. The viewable copy you provided above, I cannot get it to print clear and big enough to see. How can I get a better copy?
  13. Nickk New Member


    Hi All,
    I have a 1992 274V with an OMC trolling motor, is it 24v?
  14. If you need to print a bigger on the thumbnail or attachement, it gives you the full size..........
  15. kipp Special Operations

    Lake Sinclair Ga

    The Omc Troller is 12/24

    They were designed to run on a single 12 volt battery
    Or 2 12s linked most bigger bass boats have
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  16. JESTERxHEAD New Member

    BumFu*k, Egypt

    do you have anything on a 99 stratos 295 pro elite?
    if so I will send you a pm of my email.
  17. pepsibass New Member

    lake city arkansas

    i need all you got on a 1996 stratos 268 with a evinrude 90hp from front to back please thanks
  18. gtaggart New Member

    Dothan, AL.

    I have a '89 Stratos 279 FS and I am having trouble with the OMC Cobra trolling 12/24 wiring. I need a wiring diagram to get my trolling motor to 12V/24V use.
  19. moparman Mopar man

    east tennessee

    are all boats mostly wired the same way? i need to wire my thunderbolt,is the best way to do it just to get a fuseblock panel?(ya'll know what i'm talking about?)
  20. looking for a wiring diagram forr a 2000 21 ss extreme, dash and console area.
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