The history of Nitro boats

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    In 1978, Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris introduced the BASS TRACKERĀ®, the first "fish ready" professionally rigged boat package, and in so doing created a whole new industry. Since then, enthusiasm for the boats we build has grown unabated. This is reflected in the expansion of the company's lineup to embrace new segments and more brands. Today, Tracker Marine Group, the manufacturer of NITRO performance fishing boats, is one of the world's leading boat builders, making and selling boats for virtually every boating need
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    The actual history of Nitro Bass Boats started somwhere in the 70's, not sure of the exact date. Tracker Marine bought the Nitro Bass Boat company in 1988 when they were having major money issues. Tracker Marine kept the original Nitro logos and Z-stripe until sometime in the early 90's before changing to the new stripes and block style logo on the current models.
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    Hello Guys,
    Sorry about leaving so sudden, But I wanted to let the waters cool down a bit. I really hope your not to upset. But I will say that the new Nitro's we are producing, Are very sweet looking. I'm very proud of what we are sending out the door.

    People can and will say things about Bass Pro Shop, Johnny Morrison and tracker marine both good or bad. But think about this for a second. Tracker Marine Group and has never went into bankruptcy. We have always been very profitable.

    And our boats are the best on the market today. Other that the sky rocketing cost of gas, Nitro and Pro Craft should be the only high performance boats out there.

    That is only my opinion ..

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