bass fishing

  1. kipp

    Buzz Bait Fishing With Denny Brauer

  2. kipp

    Vexus AVX 1880

    Video Link at bottom ... ABOUT THIS MODEL Custom-contoured lines, precision-tuned performance, and a world of advanced features… On and off the water, the AVX1880 is engineered to set a higher standard. Measuring 18’ 10” in length with a broad 95” beam, this sleek, hand-built machine is...
  3. kipp

    Patterns For Late Summer Bass

    Summer FishingTwo Reliable Patterns for Late Summer Bass By Luke Stoner •Aug 27, 2018 (Photo: Luke Stoner) Bass fishing in the dog days of summer is no easy pursuit. Catching bass in lakes and reservoirs becomes increasingly difficult as the summer wears on; to the point it gets hard to...
  4. kipp

    Frog Fishing Tips For Bass

    If it wasn't so Hot and Humid i would go Frog Fishing..Summer is Cabin Fever at its Worst where I Live..
  5. Kevin

    Fishing When it's Extremely Hot!!!!

  6. kipp

    Ranger Boats Contingency

    RANGER CUP: AT A GLANCE 2019 RANGER CUP UNIVERSITY REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! CLICK HERE to sign-up. For additional program details, CLICK HERE BASS MULTI-SPECIES SALTWATER Ranger Cup - 2019 Thayer's Marine Trail Ranger Cup - 2019 Barling Boats Team Trail Ranger Cup - 2019 Beaver Lake Elite...
  7. kipp

    Nitro Boats Overview

  8. Kevin

    How to Catch BIG BASS on Frogs

  9. kipp

    2019 Skeeter FX 20 Apex

    The FX series from Skeeter is their top of the line Models.Yamaha owns Skeeter so the SHO Motors are the pre rigged choice.Here is an over view of the new FX 20 Apex layout..
  10. kipp

    2019 Ranger Z518C

    Rangers highest End 18ftr. The Z518C with a Mercury Proxs 200 4 Stroke...Very nice....$55.000..
  11. kipp

    Bass Cat Sabre FTD info

    Overall, Probably the best built 18ftr on the water..At 18'1" The sabre is 5 to 7 inches shorter than other 18s, but has them beat in fit,finish and me anyway.. at 1215 lbs, and rated for a 175 it can be set up for a 70 mph ride...awesome.. The Sabre FTD is a perfect...
  12. kipp

    2019 Nitro Z19 Pro

    I can Honestly say that the Newer Nitro Boats have my favorite front deck..Nitro has got this figured..Especially the Z17 and 18..Its the width as one moves closer to the bow..Im a fan of all bass boats basically, so i don't pic apart one brand or another ..Some details that i might wouldn't...
  13. kipp

    Charger 210 Elite

    Ive always liked charger Boats.Ive noticed that Charger has been coming back stronger into the Game, with a display in the 2019 Bass masters Classic..Our own Kevin (Bassboatmagazine) "Big Bass" Ran a charger boat...Cool. Their Flagship hull is the 210 Elite..Best of Luck Charger Boats!
  14. Kevin

    Golf Course Bass Fishing in Florida

  15. kipp

    Rick Clunn Wins Elite on St Johns River..

    70+ Elite Angler Rick Clunn with is Last day Kicker Fish to win the St Johns River Fla. Bassmasters Elite Tournament..Caught most of his fish on an 1980s Ditto Gator Tail Worm...POW.!!
  16. kipp

    John Cox leads FLW at Toho..

    Central Georgia Marina 3 hrs · Checkout John Cox getting it done in the biggest tournaments. He does all this out of a Crestliner aluminum boat.…/2019-02-07-cox-leads-toho-slug… flwfishing.comCox Leads Toho Slugfest - FLW Fishing: ArticlesDay one of the FLW Tour...
  17. kipp

    2019 Crestliner PT20

    Crestliner PT20 is the boat that John Cox won the FLW Cup with several years back..Aluminum boat goes all the way to Pay day..Shout out to my dirt bike racing friend Casey Smith (back of boat) for helping me get a Crestliner VT17....These are good me anyway..
  18. kipp

    Bass Cat Cougar FTD SP

  19. kipp

    2019 Ranger Z185

    Ranger makes 3 18fter Hulls for 2019..The Z185..Z518..Z518L...The 518L is rated for 200 HP the other two 150..Their price range is $35.000 to $45.000 give or take..does not include all the add on (shipping ,taxes etc...This Boat is at my home lake Marina..Yep its muddy this time of year again...