bass fishing

  1. kipp

    13 Fishing Inception SZ ..Get your Lime Green Fix Right Here !
  2. kipp

    SPRO Little John 50

    These catch fish where I fish...Fall Fun..
  3. Kevin

    A good Resource BBM

    Not sure if you realize this, but we have over 10 years worth of posting, so that makes us a great resource. If you need to look up something, simply use the search tool in the upper right corner of every page. We are a wealth of information and videos. So take advantage of the stuff...
  4. kipp

    Big Baits This Fall Here we go again.Small baits will get numbers.Big Baits will learn one how to cast big baits..Lol
  5. kipp

    Sunline Crank FC Fluorocarbon
  6. kipp

    2020 Skeeter FXR 20 LNew cosmetic look also

    New look for FXR models..
  7. kipp

    Crankbaits for Fall bass
  8. kipp

    Ranger Z519 C

    2019 Ranger Z519 with 225 Opti 2 stroke..Last of the 2 strokes here soon..Sinclair Marina..
  9. kipp

    ALX Rods

    I have a couple of these Rods (Really Nice) Alex is an awesome guy too..
  10. kipp

    Swim Jigs in Fall For Bass

  11. kipp

    Buzz Bait Fishing With Denny Brauer

  12. kipp

    Vexus AVX 1880

    Video Link at bottom ... ABOUT THIS MODEL Custom-contoured lines, precision-tuned performance, and a world of advanced features… On and off the water, the AVX1880 is engineered to set a higher standard. Measuring 18’ 10” in length with a broad 95” beam, this sleek, hand-built machine is...
  13. kipp

    Patterns For Late Summer Bass

    Summer FishingTwo Reliable Patterns for Late Summer Bass By Luke Stoner •Aug 27, 2018 (Photo: Luke Stoner) Bass fishing in the dog days of summer is no easy pursuit. Catching bass in lakes and reservoirs becomes increasingly difficult as the summer wears on; to the point it gets hard to...
  14. kipp

    Frog Fishing Tips For Bass

    If it wasn't so Hot and Humid i would go Frog Fishing..Summer is Cabin Fever at its Worst where I Live..
  15. Kevin

    Fishing When it's Extremely Hot!!!!

  16. kipp

    Ranger Boats Contingency

    RANGER CUP: AT A GLANCE 2019 RANGER CUP UNIVERSITY REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! CLICK HERE to sign-up. For additional program details, CLICK HERE BASS MULTI-SPECIES SALTWATER Ranger Cup - 2019 Thayer's Marine Trail Ranger Cup - 2019 Barling Boats Team Trail Ranger Cup - 2019 Beaver Lake Elite...
  17. kipp

    Nitro Boats Overview