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  1. kipp

    2023 Phoenix 819 Pro

  2. kipp

    2022 Skeeter ZX 200

  3. kipp

    5 Best Fall Bass Lures

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    2022 Skeeter ZXR20

  5. kipp

    2021 Nitro Z 17

    Not a Huge Nitro fan,But Never Bashed any Boat Brand..I Like them all...Was Talking to a close By Camas Dealer (Earl Bentz new Boat) and aske him why there was a 115 Merc on a 18.6 Hull rated for 150 hp...Told me That they were selling them to College team anglers..Said they were safe,didn't...
  6. Kevin

    Bank Fishing for Bass in Rhode Island

  7. kipp

    Ranger Z521 C Cup Video

  8. kipp

    Spinnerbaits In Late Fall
  9. kipp

    Early Fall Bass Fishing Tips

    Early Fall Transition Bass Fishing Tips Russ Lane prepares for fall fishing. As summer gives way to the cooler days of fall, the temperature isn’t the only thing that changes. So does bass behavior. If you fish the same honey holes you did during the heat of summer and use the same...
  10. Kevin

    Fishing and Exploring in South Carolina

  11. Kevin

    Bass Fishing LAKE MEAD Nevada

  12. kipp

    Alumacraft Pro 200

    PRO 200 From its all welded one piece hull, its 20' length, and massive 98" beam the Pro 200 delivers an exceptional bass fishing layout for the weekend club angler to the professionals alike. The Huge storage areas make sure you will have all the tackle and rod storage you will ever need. Match...
  13. Kevin

    Largemouth Bass Fishing in Mississippi

  14. Kevin

    Pond Hopping In Indiana -- Summer Bass Fishing

  15. Kevin

    Bass Fishing in Southern Idaho

  16. kipp

    Boat Wreck..Not Paying Attention..
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    Bass Cat Sabre FTD
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    Team Lews Pro-TI Reel ...Lews Flagship Model..