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  1. Kevin

    Bass Cat Jaguar Overview

  2. gonefishing7903

    SeaArk Introduces a BassCat Inspired Aluminum Boat

    SeaArk has a tin rig who's designed in layout is borrowed from BassCat glass rig features Full description: http://seaarkboats.com/boat_models/view/123
  3. adrianavenaboat


    Adrian Avena’s sick new Bass Cat for the 2018 Elite series
  4. Kevin

    2017 Bass Cat Eyra

  5. gonefishing7903

    BassCat Lynx

    This may be the best designed bassboat Ive ever seen
  6. Kevin

    BassCat unveils a new Website

    Wow, BassCat unveiled a new website, I like it: http://www.basscat.com/
  7. remington

    203/Puma Hybrid Part 3

    Ok folks, I've been fortunate enough to have demoed the Hybrid hull on three different occasions. The most recent was at the TOC/BCB Regional last weekend. Rick and BCB have continued to tweek the hull through out the three different demo rides I've done so I've personally driven it in the three...
  8. Bass Cat Out of the Hole

    Bass Cat Out of the Hole

    This Bass Cat Shot is Sweet!
  9. Kevin

    Bass Cat Boat Factory Walk Thru

  10. remington

    BassCat Puma Hybrid Hull After Action Report

  11. Kevin

    Pocket extra cash, just for running with BCB!

    Pocket extra cash, just for running with BCB! If you're the new owner of a used Cat, don't forget to sign up and take advantage of our QUE$T tournament incentives. Sign up today!http://www.basscat.com/QuestRules.html
  12. Kevin

    Great BassCat Picture

    Watch em fly.....................
  13. gonefishing7903

    400hp Jaguar

    Oh what I wouldn't give...... BCB Jaguar with 400hp Merc Racing outboard
  14. gonefishing7903

    Kevin Short appointed International Sales Rep for BassCat

    Announced on K-pink's Facebook page. Mr. Short has been named international sales rep for both basscat and yarrcraft lines. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156306390005354&id=464846805353