big bass

  1. 4.5 pounder.jpeg

    4.5 pounder.jpeg

    Everglades cold and rainy morning. 54 degrees didn't stop the bite (see attached video in videos thread).
  2. Everglades Topwater action 11/25/18.jpeg

    Everglades Topwater action 11/25/18.jpeg

    Great day! Here’s a couple big fatties!!
  3. 7 pound Everglades bass 11/25.jpeg

    7 pound Everglades bass 11/25.jpeg

    Tied a chatterbait on my buddy’s rod and next thing you know, he catches the fish of the day! Talk about beginners luck!
  4. Kevin

    Rat-L-Trap - How to Catch Big Bass

  5. Is yours bigger

    Is yours bigger

    Let your imagination go with it.
  6. Big Bass Babe

    Big Bass Babe

    Lets see your big one for the weekend....
  7. Kevin

    Catching GIANT Bass in MEXICO!!!!

  8. Lake Okeechobee bass.jpeg

    Lake Okeechobee bass.jpeg

    Nice 4+ pounder last weekend at Lake Okeechobee
  9. Kevin

    Fishing for BIG Bass in PADS!!!

  10. Hawgs.jpeg


    Florida Everglades
  11. Kevin


  12. King Of The Glades Round 2 Bass

    King Of The Glades Round 2 Bass

    6 pounder from round 2. This bass moved us up to 9th in overall rankings for the season!
  13. May 29th 2017

    May 29th 2017

    7 pound 9 ounce Florida Everglades largemouth bass
  14. May 28th 2017

    May 28th 2017

    7 pound 9 ounce Florida Everglades largemouth bass.
  15. IMG_2926


    Florida Everglades 4/22/2017. Just another great day out on the water. Come on down boys and i'll get you on some of these!
  16. Hawg


    6 pounder landed in last tournament. Weighed in 16.5 pounds, winning weight was 21. Missed a couple of big ones that could have gotten us a win!
  17. Lake Okeechobee hawg

    Lake Okeechobee hawg

    8 Pounder caught on 12/27/2016. Great way to end the year!!!
  18. Laus3

    And the New Year looms in the near future!

    Good morning BBM world. Hope everyone is having a great day. Feels kinda weird at work today since I went fishing yesterday. Really feels like a Monday morning! Caught a monster bass yesterday fishing Lake O. Was on buddy's boat and he didn't have a digital scale but it had to register in close...
  19. Lake O

    Lake O

    In a happy place as the sun comes up