boat accident

  1. kipp

    Anglers ejected without Killswitch

  2. kipp

    Volster with Merc 400R 102 MPH Accident

  3. A bad day fishing

    A bad day fishing

    Ouch is all I can say
  4. gonefishing7903

    Be careful out there

    For those of us venturing out on the water over this long weekend remeber to be extra alert.
  5. Texoma pontoon

    Texoma pontoon

    Its that season folks, people who have no business owning a boat are hitting the water, in addition to other things. This was yesterday over on Lake Texoma at the Buncombe Creek Marina. It was the first time out with a brand new pontoon. Bet I could have bought it on the cheap afterwards
  6. gonefishing7903

    Where's the Prop?

    Andrew Upshaw had an interesting start to the FLW event this week. His lower unit was sheered off his outboard sending the boat into a pair of 360°. Both he and his co angler are fine and he has a substitute boat to fish out of. Talk about a wild ride!
  7. gonefishing7903

    Why Not to Fall Out of the Boat