1. Braidsvsbraid


    Wonder if her line is also braided
  2. B

    Revo sx

    I have a Abu Garcia revo sx 10 I am going to use for an ultra light set up. I have always used a backer for braid. This reel is braid ready and calls for a "axle spool knot" to attach the braid to spool. Question is what the hell is a axle spool knot? Is it just the Arbor knot?
  3. gonefishing7903

    Laus3 Quit Setting the Hook so Hard!

    Take it easy with those hooksets and braided line!
  4. gonefishing7903

    Done with Fluorocarbon

    So Sunday i ran out to the lake for about an hour or so. My outboard almost wouldnt start but i eventually made it to the spot i wanted to fish. My plan was to target fish deep with a flutter spoon. Had a brand new strike king sexy spoon that i bought the day before tied on a combo with brand...