casting cuties

  1. This girl can fish!

    This girl can fish!

    @cami_cakes_ on IG
  2. Dreaming of Summer

    Dreaming of Summer

    I just can't find someone to be my partner this season, wonder if she's available...
  3. Dreaming of Summer

    Dreaming of Summer

    Im ready for summer
  4. Double peacocks

    Double peacocks

    A nice pair
  5. Nice Bass

    Nice Bass

    Great catch
  6. Line


    Looks like she has all the lines in just the right places
  7. Braidsvsbraid


    Wonder if her line is also braided
  8. IMG_20180101_152415.jpg


    Two for one
  9. Ocean View

    Ocean View

    Nice seaside scenery
  10. Backtobasics


    Back to basics
  11. Bassin Workout

    Bassin Workout

    @fishing.savage on Instagram
  12. double trouble

    double trouble

    @fishbras on instagram
  13. Kiss My Bass

    Kiss My Bass

    Kiss My Bass
  14. Nice Bass

    Nice Bass

    Credit to @fishbras on Instagram
  15. The Next Generation

    The Next Generation

    Miss Luara Ann Foshee is one of the next generations of bassing superstars. She was the only female member of BASS National High School team and now is on the team fro SCAD
  16. Nice Pair

    Nice Pair

    @fishbra on instagram
  17. Nice bass

    Nice bass

    @fishbra on instagram
  18. MILF


  19. fishingwithluiza


  20. Fishingwihluiza