charger boats

  1. kipp

    Charger Boats 176

    Charger 176..Don't make boats like this anymore..17.8 ft boat at 1100 lbs..Old school Haul the mail..Lots of boats today this size are rated at 75 Hp..I Like old school Glass Bass Boats with 150s...Its where it all started...Thinking this is a 2017 Model...Made in Missouri USA.. BASS BOAT 176...
  2. kipp

    Charger 210 Elite

    Ive always liked charger Boats.Ive noticed that Charger has been coming back stronger into the Game, with a display in the 2019 Bass masters Classic..Our own Kevin (Bassboatmagazine) "Big Bass" Ran a charger boat...Cool. Their Flagship hull is the 210 Elite..Best of Luck Charger Boats!