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  1. Kevin

    What is the fastest Bass Boat out there?

    Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Any Answers to this question.............. Laus3, Do no even bother saying a Mako.......................Even Nichor would not believe that................LOL
  2. Kevin

    120+mph XR2001 Allison Craft

  3. Kevin

    100mph bass boat in 2 seconds

  4. Kevin

    60 to 120mph in a shadow bass boat

  5. a70suprbrd

    Running in rough water with a bass boat

    Dose anyone (with a bass boat) run enough rough water that they are using a 4 or 5 blade prop? I have a 1996 Stratos 201 Pro XL DC with a 2009 Evinrude 225 HO, and on occasion I run in 4' plus conditions. I know that on Lake Erie some use this setup. I am curious as to how well this works out...
  6. Darth VMAX

    Allison Speed(s)

    Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I thought I would post some Allison BASSBOAT Speed numbers from a Rally that some A-Boaters (and others) were at last week. Both speeds are awesome. First was a XB21 ProSport / 250 Sport XS Mercury (both stock). 98 MPH! I have no doubts that in cooler...