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  1. Kevin

    What is the fastest Bass Boat out there?

    Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Any Answers to this question.............. Laus3, Do no even bother saying a Mako.......................Even Nichor would not believe that................LOL
  2. Kevin

    100mph bass boat in 2 seconds

  3. Kevin

    What's the fastest your Triton has gone?

    Loaded down hitting 73 mph. What's the fastest your Triton has gone?
  4. Kevin

    7 Of The World's Fastest Fishing Boats

    We take seven of the world's fastest bass boats and go fishing. Photos by Skip Gandy Published in the May 2002 issue. STROKER 21 Nail the throttle and the big Mercury 300X hooks up without a trace of cavitation. Three quick heartbeats with the bow in the air and the hull is...