1. Smile with that bigge

    Smile with that bigge

    What a Smile..........
  2. Kevin

    Moon phases and how to fish them

    Catch more fish with moon phases made simple.
  3. MILF


    She Loves Fishing
  4. Nice day on lake

    Nice day on lake

    Sometimes, you just dont see a fish.
  5. What Kind of Fish

    What Kind of Fish

    Laus3 what kind of fish is this?
  6. Kevin

    Its about time to reel them in !

  7. Kevin

    Christie: Finding fish in high, muddy water

    Even in times of moderate water rising, you have to be ready to adjust with the conditions. read more Continue reading...
  8. Kevin

    Dang, Look at the time!

  9. Kevin

    She Likes To Fish

  10. Kevin

    Changing the profile of a Buzzbait

    Jacob Wheeler has some tips on buzzbaits: FLW Fishing: Changing the Profile of a Buzzbait Fishermen are starting to catch on to the importance of profile when using buzzbaits, especially in the fall when the fish are more particular. When you’re fishing a buzzbait and...
  11. Kevin

    2nd Annual Big Fish Bright Future Charity Bass Fishing Tournament

    2nd Annual Big Fish Bright Future Charity Bass Fishing Tournament Date: 9/19/2015 - 9/19/2015 Location: Truman Lake - Missouri TOURNAMENT DETAILS Type Charity Format Buddy/Team Entry $125 Time 7am first fligh Ramp Bucksaw Marina CONTACT INFO Host For the Children Foundation Contact Becki...
  12. Nichor02

    OGRE Mfg. Fish Attractant

    We would like to thank OGRE Mfg. LLC for allowing us at BBM to do a review on their product. The product being tested is their new Fish Attractant, "HERE FISHY FISHY!!" I've used fish attractants before and was not impressed with the results that they claimed to have. By saying that, when I...