1. Kevin

    How to Catch BIG BASS on Frogs

  2. Kevin

    KILLER Frog Fishing Action!

  3. gonefishing7903

    River2Sea Phat Frog kit

    River2Sea has a kit out to dress up your hollow body frog. Thought?
  4. gonefishing7903

    Toad fishing, what am I doing wrong?

    Ok I've given up on fishing hollow body frogs, just don't get bites and most went into the boxes of stuff for our upcoming garage sale. I had a couple of bags of toads in the boat though so I've been trying to learn them. Not too fond of the zoom horny toad, just doesn't make much comotion on...
  5. gonefishing7903

    Sprinker Frog

    hot new bait but I've heard mixed reviews. Looks like a whopper plopper knockoff to me. no better luck than I've had with hollow bodied frogs I need a personal recommendation
  6. Kevin

    Frog Tricks You Didn't Even Know To Try!

  7. gonefishing7903

    Now That's A Frog

    Saw it on Facebook, not available yet KGB Swimbaits
  8. Kevin

    Gear Review: Mann’s Pygmy Frog

    What is it?Mann’s Pygmy Frog Continue reading...
  9. Kevin

    Aaron Martens: Frog knot

    Here's how the 2015 AOY secures a frog to his line. read more Continue reading...