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  1. Kevin

    History of Bass Fishing

  2. Kevin

    Allison Boats History

    he History of Allison Boats Allison history as told by Paul Allison Allison generations: Paul’s grandfather owned a steamboat line in 1900 and parked it on Riverside drive just above Gay St Bridge in Knoxville, TN. His name was Edward Allison. The Allison family lived on the steamboats. Edward...
  3. Kevin

    Bass Cat Story

    Dreams are what give us our futures, and memories open our hearts. A Bass Cat Story Ron's first dream of a hand built boat was stored on the front porch of his parents home. He ran it with his grandfathers outboard, usually without granddad Bill knowing it. Well, he pretended as if he...
  4. Kevin

    Alumacraft Boat History

    FOR FISHERMEN, BY FISHERMEN Alumacraft continues to lead the industry in solidly, well-crafted aluminum fishing boats. Our 2XB hulls, larger, one-piece, hardened heavy-duty keels and our oversized spray rails give you a drier, smoother ride giving you peace of mind that you've made the right...
  5. Kevin

    Ranger Boat History

    From the fast-paced drama of America's toughest tournament trails to quiet, welcome respites with family and friends, the sport of fishing has traveled far from the cane poles and hollow perceptions of days gone by. Alongside that transformation, Ranger Boats has built a solid reputation for...
  6. Kevin

    Stratos Boat History

    Earl Bentz, the founder of Stratos Boats, opened the company September, 1983 in Old Hickory, Tennessee. Earl grew up in boating, cutting his teeth working for his uncle at a his boating business in South Carolina as an assembly and servicing man. He also assisted in the pits at the boat races...
  7. Kevin

    Astro Boats

    Does anybody have the history of these boats?
  8. Kevin

    Who made Javelin Boats ?

    Just curious if anybody has some history on these boats?
  9. Kevin

    Phoenix Bass Boat History

    TULLAHOMA, Tenn. - A veteran team of boat builders made the formation of Phoenix Bass Boats, which rose from the ashes of another independent boat manufacturer. "Phoenix will produce bass boats with special attention to customer service," company President Gary Clouse said. "Our plan is...
  10. N

    Stratos Boats, Inc history

    (No guarantee of complete accuracy is warranted. Any reference not directly related to Stratos history is subject to commentary license. If you have information that more accurately reflects the history of Stratos Boats, please contact me with it and your source reference if possible. I am more...

    History Of Stroker Boats

    I was thumbing through the pages of the internet and stumbled across Stroker site. Come to find out they went ahead and did the history chasing right there for you. Ok so for some of you go fast fella's here is some good reading on those fine boats In the mid 80's,founder(Chub Bryant) got...