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  1. Kevin

    How to Cast a Baitcaster

  2. Kevin

    Boat trim explained

  3. Kevin

    Jack Plate benefits and techniques

  4. Kevin

    Fall Topwater Bass Fishing -- How To

  5. Kevin

    How To Tie The Bowline Knot

    ere's a knot that every outdoorsman should know how to tie. Great video by our friends at Saltwater Experience. How To Tie The Bowline Knot I use the Bowline to tie up my boat, or secure anything to anything in a way that it will easily be untied and used again. If you are an outdoorsman of...
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    Just Look At "New Post"

    Simply click on new post:
  7. genxer36

    How to install Bass Boat Carpet

    I was able to replace my carpet myself for less than $300 Carefully remove your old carpet & use it as a template. When I cut my carpet on my driveway, I placed a piece of plywood under the carpet before cutting. Also change your cutting blades often. I used these instructions when I replaced...