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    Hunting Humor

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    Hunting 2019

    You know how i do things...............
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    To All My Missouri Friends - Extra Hunting Season!

    To all my Missouri Friends, With Hunting Season around the corner, i felt that it should be imperative that i remind you all about the upcoming Jackalope season! We are being over run by them and the State has issued a special season:
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    Hunting Humor

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    Catch A Dream - Great Program

    I have had the great pleasure and honor of working with these great folks, make sure you visit their website and think about how great these is for Children!
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    Hunting 2018

    What are you hunting for this year ? and Where?
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    Wisconsin State Hunting Expo

    Wisconsin State Hunting Expo Country: USA City: Green BayVenue:Shopko Hall Date:Show datesBuild-upDismantlingDeadline 2017: 24.-26Feb. - 2018: 23.-25Feb. - Show type: RegionalFrequency: AnnualOpen to: The public Business sectors: Hunting, Arms, Angling Organiser/s:Saje...
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    Coffee is really good this morning!

    Its Friday, my last day till the weekend, and next week is Thanksgiving so its a short week. Love it! I am having several people over for turkey day, how about you guys, what are you up to? Are you cooking or going out? How many have shot their own turkeys this year?
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    2017 Hunting Pictures

    With the season starting up everywhere, I would like to remind everybody to post their hunting pictures up! Here is where you can post them: Good luck to everyone this season!!!!!
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    Louisiana Fishing and Hunting Information

    Here is some really good information on hunting and fishing in Louisiana!
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    Texas Bow Hunter

    I ran across some interesting hunting information at this place, feel free to check it out:
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    Elk Hunting 2016

    Who is elk hunting this year and where?
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    Colorado Sportsmen’s License Plate is here!

    If you’re a Colorado sportsman, hunting and fishing is more than a hobby or pastime—it’s a way of life. It’s how you connect with nature and, just as important, connect with others who share your passion for Colorado’s wildlife and outdoor heritage. Now you can unite with other hunters and...
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    Happy National Hunting and Fishing Day!

    We hope you have a wonderful day.........................involve your kids!
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    Chat with Benny Spies

    Chat with Benny at 6:00pm CT on his FB page Gun It with Benny Spiesbefore the season premiere airs tonight. Access the FB chat here --->