1. Kevin

    Legend Bass Boat Tour!!!

  2. Kevin

    Fishing With a Legend!

  3. Kevin

    White River Marine Group to Buy Legend Boats

    Legend Boats now under Bass Pro umbrella. According to a letter sent to Legend Boats Dealers Wednesday night, Johnny Morris's White River Marine Group will acquire Legend Boats. Here is the text from the dealer letter from Legend Boats president Randy Qualls: From humble beginnings in a...
  4. gonefishing7903

    Johnny Morris Bought Another One?

    Just heard that he added legend to his collection. We are quickly running out of alternatives the the bps/tracker marine. Ive been a fan of bass pro for years but don't want it to be my only choice. Im not a fan of nitros so now by default ranger, triton get added to the list. Never would...
  5. Kevin

    Legend Boat Factory Tour

  6. kipp

    Legend, All Lit Up

    I would probably snag that spare tire driving around at Wal Mart..
  7. kipp

    2016 Legend V21

    Holy Smoke!!....
  8. S

    Legend bass boats???

    Anybody have any experiance in a Legend bass boat?? A friend of mine was looking for used boats and came accross some Legend Alpha series bass boats. I saw a few pics of them and they look pretty good, but as you all know pictures can be decieving.