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  1. gonefishing7903

    Livewell Dump Station?

    I've never heard of this but the pros on the Elite Series are doing this in Ohae South Dakota this week. Here's what Jeff Kreit had to say: "Been fishing full time 20 years, first time I have ever had to drive to a livewell dump station!!???? Can you imagine the implications if the water that...
  2. Livewell life.jpeg

    Livewell life.jpeg

    3-4 pounders going for a swim
  3. Ballistic Boats compartments

    Ballistic Boats compartments

    Engine compartment and livewell
  4. gonefishing7903

    a little advice on a Javelin livewell pump

    ok so after the mishap with the livewell pump and doing the trouble shooting a full replacement of the livewell pump was in order. so even though this is a pretty straighforward project i thought i would never hurt to ask for conformation that im proceeding correctly or maybe some additional...