1. Kevin

    2019 LUND 1875 PRO V BASS XS

  2. Kevin

    Lund Review & Tour

  3. gonefishing7903

    New Lund Bass Boat for 2017
  4. gonefishing7903

    Review of Lund's New Bass Boat

    The guys over at Wired2fish took an in depth look at Lund's new bass boat. If I were in the market for an aluminum rig it would be at the top of my list to look at.
  5. Kevin

    Lund Releases 1875 Pro-V Bass XS Fishing Boat

    Wired2Fish conducted a thorough walk-through on the new 2016 Lund 1875 Pro V-Bass XS, which is the sister boat to the new 1875 Pro-V Bass. Both models are designed as versatile multi-species boats with the Pro-V Bass offering bench seating and the XS model offering pedestal seating. Both are...
  6. Kevin

    Ready to go for the weekend?

    Ready to go for the weekend?