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  1. Kevin

    How to Select Lure Colors

  2. Kevin

    Winter Bass LOVE Alabama Rigs!!!

  3. Kevin

    How To Choose The Best Lure Colors

  4. Kevin

    Is a $120 Lure WORTH The Money?

  5. Kevin

    Weird Fishing Lure Challenge !!

  6. Kevin

    Lure Flavor

  7. kipp

    Recieved My Rapala Lure

    I WON Something!!! Laus really came through big when I tore open the package to my Original 5 1/4 inch F13 Floating Rapala. Thanks Bro..Thanks for the pumped up shipping. And Oh....He stuffed the USPS receipt in...with...Twitch...Twitch...Twitch..(pause-Pause) Twitch..Twitch...BOOM!!! All...
  8. Kevin

    How To Un-Snag A Lure | Bass Fishing

  9. Kevin

    Does Size Matter ?

    Does the size of your lure dictate the size of bass you might catch? What are your thoughts?
  10. Kevin

    Stick worm magic

    The first time I saw a stick worm I chuckled. There was no way a respectable bass would eat such a stupid looking soft plastic.It didn’t take long to find out I was wrong. That seemingly do-nothing worm shows off its unique fish-catching attributes the minute it hits the water. Continue reading...
  11. Kevin

    Whopper Plopper - River2Sea

    Whopper Plopper River2Sea. Check out the Whopper Plopper features and uses in this tackle review.
  12. B

    One Lure Only

    Pick the one lure you have to use forever. Color, size and why. Me: Black Neon Hula Grub on a 1/2 oz football jig head, no weed guard. I can pitch it, drag it, swim it and burn it like a top water. I fish it at night and day. More bass, northerns and walleye than any other lure for me.
  13. Kevin

    Bass Fishing Tips: Lure Selections When Fishing For Winter Bass

    If you are fortunate enough to live in southern areas of the US and your local waters do not freeze over during the winter, piling on the clothing and hitting the water for a little bass fishing helps reduce cabin fever. Even though a fair number of hearty souls brave the cold winter chill and...
  14. Nichor02

    Pro Assassinator

    This review is on the Secret Weapon Lure Company, "Pro Assassinator". It's used as a Crankbait, Spinnerbait, and a Buzz Bait, all in one. This test is on the 1 oz. size. We at BBM appreciate Secret Weapon Lure Company allowing us the priveledge to do their product reviews and will always be...