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  1. gonefishing7903

    Most Underrated Feature...

    In the interest of generating discussion, what is a feature on a particular brand of boat that to you just doesn't get enough attention or praise? I have several in mind but the first one I'll mention is the removable console in Nitros. I've never been a Nitro fanboy, just felt they were...
  2. Kevin


  3. Kevin

    Nitro Z18 (2019-) Test Video

  4. Kevin

    Tracker Marine ( Bass Pro)

    Can you name off the boats that Bass Pro now owns?
  5. gonefishing7903

    Afternoon Coffee

    Afternoon BBM gang. Sitting here at Cabela's finishing up my lunch break and looking at the next massive cold front about to arrive. We have dodged the bullet so far on winter precipitation, don't know if we will slide by again. Usually this time of year I'm jonesing to be out on the water...
  6. gonefishing7903

    Rising from the Ashes

    saw this mysterious post on Allison Boats facebook page just a few mins ago. will be interesting to see what if anything comes from this
  7. gonefishing7903

    Ranger Boats poll question

    I don't own a Ranger and they wouldn't make the short list if I had the money and was looking to buy. This is still the funniest thing I've ever seen on YouTube (please excuse the language)
  8. Kevin

    2017 Nitro Z21 Walkthrough

  9. W

    2016 nitro Z7 SPORT prop help

    Anyone have a z7 sport? I have a new 2016 with a about 6 hours on it. I'm curious if anyone has tried different props to get a little more speed or possible lift. A couple mph wouldn't hurt my feelings but smoothing out the ride would be my primary concern. I came from a Champion 181 dcx with...
  10. Laus3

    Sanded, polished, waxed the Nitro

    Really amazed with the results!
  11. Kevin

    2016 NITRO® Z-6 Specs

  12. Laus3

    Nitro X5... My little toy

  13. kipp

    Nitro Z18 Trailer upgrade

    Really good to see Nitro going with a nicer trailer(option) for there 18 ftr..Tandem Axle with some nice Rims.. Lots of boat Builders have been stepping up to the plate on this for several years.. Aluminum Rigs are going full out also.good to see Tracker, I hope will do this in the near future..
  14. Kevin

    Nitro Boats Z20 Boat Review

    The Nitro Boats Z20 is aimed at the price-conscious bass boat buyer who wants a 20’ (6.09 m) boat that can top 70-mph and do some serious fishing. ‪#‎Nitro‬ ‪#‎Z20‬ http://www.boattest.com/review/nitro/3399_z20
  15. NMfishFinder

    Nitro Performance and set up

    To all the Nitro lovers out there, I know there are a few post your set up and performance, I would like to see who is gonna out run me! 2010 Nitro Z-7 200 Mercury Optimax Pro XS 8 Inch jack plate 23P Tempest hole shot is amazing, I am up on plane and crusing before most, 68 is the fastest...