1. Kevin

    How to Replace Spun Prop

  2. Kevin

    Too Funny.....Prop Humor

  3. gonefishing7903

    Mercury V8 Prop Comparison

    SmallmouthCrush comparing props on his new outboard
  4. Kevin

    Choosing Right Propeller For Your Boat

  5. W

    2016 nitro Z7 SPORT prop help

    Anyone have a z7 sport? I have a new 2016 with a about 6 hours on it. I'm curious if anyone has tried different props to get a little more speed or possible lift. A couple mph wouldn't hurt my feelings but smoothing out the ride would be my primary concern. I came from a Champion 181 dcx with...

    What is this ????

    What is this crap, how do I get rid of it and keep it off. It's also on my chrome trailer wheels. Seams like everything I have tried doesn't touch it, except using my finger nail on the prop. :eek::eek:
  7. insomniac-trader

    Prop shaft question

    98' 175 yamaha proV. prop shafts bent I'm guessing it's out a hundred thousands or so without using a dial indicator on it. A local and very acknowledged shop can straighten it for around $70. My question is : is there any reason to buy new and not have this one repaired?
  8. N

    Prop Questions about tuning a prop

    I hae a 2000 Nitro 750NX w/Merc 90, hydraulic 5 1/2" setback jackplate and a 4 blade prop. Pitch is 20. I have heard that tuning or balancing a prop can get a few more mph. We dont have any one local that is good at this. What would it cost for the people at Prop Gods to do this? I dont have a...