1. Kevin

    2019 Ranger RT188

  2. Kevin

    Maiden voyage in the 2019 Ranger 520

  3. Kevin


  4. Kevin

    Ranger Boats wire harness department

  5. gonefishing7903

    Rising from the Ashes

    saw this mysterious post on Allison Boats facebook page just a few mins ago. will be interesting to see what if anything comes from this
  6. gonefishing7903

    Ranger Boats poll question

    I don't own a Ranger and they wouldn't make the short list if I had the money and was looking to buy. This is still the funniest thing I've ever seen on YouTube (please excuse the language)
  7. Kevin

    2018 Ranger Z521C Cup Walk Around

  8. Kevin

    New Ranger - 98 Grand Ouch!

  9. Kevin

    Side by Sides

    In the next year here, i am looking into purchasing a sided by side: Any suggests on make or model and why? Its not for hunting, its just for exploring. Looking forward to your ideas and thoughts.
  10. Ranger


    Nice Hole Shot
  11. Kevin

    Ranger Boat History

    From the fast-paced drama of America's toughest tournament trails to quiet, welcome respites with family and friends, the sport of fishing has traveled far from the cane poles and hollow perceptions of days gone by. Alongside that transformation, Ranger Boats has built a solid reputation for...

    Merle Haggard's 80's Ranger returns home.

  13. R

    How to properly trim a Ranger Comanche?

    A few months ago, I bought a 1998 Ranger 519DVS Comanche. I have been experimenting with the trim to see where the boat rides the best at. I realize that the trim is meant to be used differently in different water conditions but I still don't know enough about high performance bassboats to know...