1. Kevin

    Ardent Reels

    What are you thoughts? Pros | Cons ?
  2. Kevin

    Best Baitcasting Reels for the Money in 2016-2017

    Baitcasting reels are an important tool for anglers who want to be able to effectively fish larger lures and techniques where light line spinning reels simply don’t cut it. A good baitcasting combo gives you a high degree of control of your lure, allowing pinpoint lure placements, and the power...
  3. Kevin

    Gear Review: Shimano Metanium

    What is it?Shimano Metanium Continue reading...
  4. gonefishing7903

    Carrot Stix is introducing reels

    Carrot Stix is going to soon be offering reels. Should be available in April according to their Facebook page.
  5. Kevin

    Stop Line Issues When Using Spinning Reels

    Stop Line Issues When Using Spinning Reels byBass Fishing Tips Spinning reels afford bass angler both ease of use and greater versatility especially when throwing light baits… One problem many anglers have when using spinning gear is line twist; often a major problem when using light line…...
  6. Kevin

    Team Ardent Grip and Grin

    We'll call this our "Lot-O-Fish Friday" post! Team Ardent member Nate Johnson caught these while practicing for a tournament with, of course, Ardent reels. That's what we call a grip-n-grin! ‪#‎ArdentReels‬‪#‎BigFishFriday‬
  7. kipp

    ABU Garcia Round Reels

    Does anyone have any ABU round reels .I remember the famed 5500 C that was the most used baitcaster in its day..Before the low profile stuff came out..I found a 4600 the other day in a closet,got it out and put some line on it.went on ABU website and can't believe haow many they still...
  8. Kevin

    Two quality Wavespin reels offered at $29.95 each - tax time special

    Editor.... are you and your readers looking for a new spinning reel as part of your Spring break... and also a tax time break? WaveSpin is closing out two of its award winning and quality designed larger light tackle models -- perfect for fish like musky, pike, catfish, salmon and landlocked...