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  1. Kevin

    Spring Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass

  2. Kevin

    Locating spawning bass

    Alton Jones Jr. Spawning bass can offer one of the most rewarding challenges an angler will face all year. I feel like a lot of people talk about how to catch spawning bass, but there’s not a lot out there on how to locate them. For me, it’s important to start with the understanding that...
  3. Kevin

    Don’t jump the gun on the spawning season

    Every angler looks forward to that early spawning period when fish are shallow and big ones are easier to target. I’m not talking about sight fishing, but rather when there’s that first push of bass to the shallows and the fish are aggressive. Unfortunately, predicting that movement isn’t an...
  4. Kevin

    Spring Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass