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  1. Kevin

    Largemouth Bass Behavior: The Spawn

  2. Kevin

    How to Fish for Spring Bass

  3. Kevin

    Spring Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass

  4. Kevin

    Spring Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass

  5. gonefishing7903

    It's Warming Up

    Well the weathermen say that our mild ice storm last week was the end of winter weather. Today a nice 70 degrees and light rain, very pleasant outside. Grass is just starting to green up and daffodils are starting to bloom. My home lake is still a chilly 49 degrees so we have a ways to go...
  6. Kevin

    Spring Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass

  7. gonefishing7903

    Hibernation is Over

    Cold and windy today but too the boat out anyway. The motor didn't want to start and the cranking battery was almost dead by the time I got it where it would stay running. Once it warmed up it was fine. Today was the first time it had been started since September or October but its ready to...
  8. gonefishing7903

    Jumping the Gun

    I know its way too early but couldn't help myself and loaded the floating worms in the boat. Prespawn into spawn is always my favorite time of year.