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  1. Kevin

    Stratos Boats - Wikipdia

    Stratos Boats From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Stratos Boats, Inc. is a manufacturer of fishing boats and is located in Flippin, Arkansas. Formerly owned by Platinum Equity, which also owned Triton and Ranger Boats as Fishing Holdings LLS, Stratos was...
  2. Kevin

    Stratos Boats - Who owns them now?

    Was just curious of who owns Stratos Boats Now?
  3. Kevin

    My Stratos Bass Boat Tour

  4. gonefishing7903

    Rising from the Ashes

    saw this mysterious post on Allison Boats facebook page just a few mins ago. will be interesting to see what if anything comes from this
  5. Kevin

    Stratos Boat History

    Earl Bentz, the founder of Stratos Boats, opened the company September, 1983 in Old Hickory, Tennessee. Earl grew up in boating, cutting his teeth working for his uncle at a his boating business in South Carolina as an assembly and servicing man. He also assisted in the pits at the boat races...
  6. nightowl17

    I need a new dash board for my 1999 Stratos 295 pro elite

    I have searched for days for one and have decided to make my own does anybody know how to make a temp plate ? I have decided to make it out of glass . Thanks for any information.
  7. B

    stratos 189vlo reviews?

    Has anyone got some feedback of the stratos 189vlo? Also the stratos website says there max rating is 175 but other sites say 150 can anyone confirm this?
  8. Kevin

    Stratos : Performance, Versatile, Affordabable. A new 386XF

    Wednesday November 12, 2014 Stratos Delivers Performance, Versatility and Affordability with New 386 XFContinuing its legacy of providing weekend anglers and water sports enthusiasts with versatile boats at an incredible value, Stratos Boats introduces a newly refined Stratos 386 XF...
  9. N

    Stratos Boats, Inc history

    (No guarantee of complete accuracy is warranted. Any reference not directly related to Stratos history is subject to commentary license. If you have information that more accurately reflects the history of Stratos Boats, please contact me with it and your source reference if possible. I am more...
  10. N

    Stratos Wiring Schematics

    If you have a good wiring schematic that you can scan into a good legible file, let's post 'em up. You never know when someone may need a little help. Please post year and model/s in your title line. ;)