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  1. Laus3

    A little Okeechobee fun

    Had a great day yesterday... Too short for a 100 mile drive but it was fun getting out there and catching some bass. Missed a monster explosion, probably 7-8 pounds but managed to catch some bass in the 1-3 pound range. Heres a little video recording with my GoPro Hero5 at 2.7k resolution...
  2. gonefishing7903

    Predator Tackle Impossible Box

    Got my "impossible box" from predator tackle in today. The baits look awesome, maybe enough to coax me to go try them tomorrow. Im curious to watch their action even if it's too cold to be throwing them. If I like these I will definitely order more, they have some other models that are very...
  3. Now that's a swimbait

    Now that's a swimbait

    custom made bass swimbait
  4. Kevin

    BIG Swimbait Bass Fishing Challenge