1. Kevin

    Topwater Fishing in the Rain!

  2. Everglades Topwater action 11/25/18.jpeg

    Everglades Topwater action 11/25/18.jpeg

    Great day! Here’s a couple big fatties!!
  3. Kevin


  4. Okeechobee bass.jpeg

    Okeechobee bass.jpeg

    Topwater bass from The Monkey Box area of lake Okeechobee
  5. 4 pounder

    4 pounder

  6. Everglades bass

    Everglades bass

    Topwater all day. Caught like 40 bass on tis day.
  7. Florida Everglades.jpeg

    Florida Everglades.jpeg

    18 Pounds 5 big bass
  8. 5.5 & 5 pounder

    5.5 & 5 pounder

    Everglades 12/30/2017
  9. Kevin


  10. Kevin

    It’s not too late for topwater fishing

    Right now between Halloween jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, when many anglers have shelved fishing rods to pursue rut-crazed whitetails, it’s an awesome time to tie on a buzzbait, popper or Sexy Dawg because bass are eating shad and skipjack extremely shallow near the surface...
  11. Laus3

    Lake Okeechobee 11/8/2017

    Hello there my fellow BBM'ers ... Good day at Lake Okeechobee yesterday. Landed on a spot towards the end of the day that was full of feeding bass. For 30-45 minutes, we anchored down and were casting and catching probably every 1-2 minutes. Must have caught close to 30 bass during that span...
  12. Laus3

    Everglades bass fishing with my son

    A couple of clips from today out in the Everglades with my oldest son. That one bass blew up on my spook! Gotta love these moments shared with family... Of course, had around 18-19 pounds on top five! If tournament days were only so simple lol
  13. Kevin

    Topwaters Give Crowder Gold

    Kermit Crowder of Matoaca, Virginia, weighed a five-bass limit totaling 18 pounds, 6 ounces, Sunday to win the FLW Bass Fishing League (BFL) Shenandoah Division Super Tournament on the Potomac River presented by Minn Kota, with a two-day total of 10 bass weighing 35 pounds, 2 ounces. Crowder...
  14. gonefishing7903

    Spro BBZ-1 Rat

    I had my eye on these since before they came out. These rats are wake baits that are part of Bill Siemantel's signature line and come in three sizes: 30, 40, and 50. The 30 is a good size for the waters I fish being 1/2oz and about 6" long. On a steady retrieve te bait will swim on the...
  15. Laus3


  16. Kevin

    Effortless Ways to get Creative with Topwater

    Effortless Ways to get Creative with Topwater ~Randy Howell, 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion Howell: Fall Demands Creativity with your Topwater This is the time of year where it pays to be a little creative with your topwater baits. As I discussed earlier this week in my blog about fall...
  17. Kevin

    How to Catch Big Fall Bass on Topwaters

    How to Catch Big Fall Bass on Topwaters Catching big bass in the fall can be tough, but Jason outlines one way to do just that on lakes with Winter drawdowns. SCOUT.COM|BY JASON SEALOCK
  18. Kevin

    Make Bass Explode on Your Topwater Popper

    Make Bass Explode on Your Topwater Popper Kevin VanDam breaks down everything you need to know about fishing with topwater poppers. Watch as he showcases his go-to popper, line, rod and... 1SOURCE.BASSPRO.COM