1. Kevin

    EZEE Step Custom Boat Trailer Steps

    What do you think?
  2. Kevin

    Trailering Your Bass Boat

  3. B

    Trailer refinish

    Any of you had a trailer refinished professionally? Just wondering what a average price would be. I am really pissed that I am even doing it as the trailer is only three years old. Bad metal prep
  4. kipp

    Nitro Z18 Trailer upgrade

    Really good to see Nitro going with a nicer trailer(option) for there 18 ftr..Tandem Axle with some nice Rims.. Lots of boat Builders have been stepping up to the plate on this for several years.. Aluminum Rigs are going full out also.good to see Tracker, I hope will do this in the near future..
  5. gonefishing7903

    Bass Cat Introduces New Trailer Bunks

    Bass Cat gave a preview on Facebook of their new trailer bunks. Referred to as polyethylene pillow block bunk system, it essentially has your boat riding on a air pillow as it rides down the road. The bunk covering consists of many tube shaped air pillows heavily coated in urethane. Looks...
  6. Revenant

    Tandem vs Single Axle Trailers

    I'm at a crossroads on my boat purchase where I can pay a bit more to get a Tandem Axel Trailer. I was wondering if anyone can chime in on some of the benefits of each type. I've only ever towed a single. A little background. The boat, fully loaded with engine, should be about 2100 to 2200lbs...