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  1. Kevin

    trolling motor maintenance

  2. Laus3

    Batteries, Chargers... Great Trolling Motor Reading!

    One of the most confusing aspects of selecting a trolling motor is the array of electrical questions that inevitably arise. What type of battery to buy? How many hours of trolling time does a specific motor offer? How are motors with multiple batteries wired? Given the importance of these...
  3. Kevin

    i-Pilot manual or Quick Reference Guide

  4. nightowl17

    36vtrolling Moror

    OK I have a 36v trolling Motor[3]Batteries and a starting Battery can I use my existing three bank charger to recharge all my batteries ?
  5. nightowl17

    Min Kota Maxxum 70

    I bought this trolling motor last year as a spare ,Well I had to put it on today my old one give out about 30 min. into my trip , After I installed it I found that the MOM switch does not work ,anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem ?:mad: