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  1. kipp

    Vexus VX 20 Overview
  2. kipp

    Vexus AVX 189
  3. gonefishing7903

    Vexus VX Hull Design

    Ok so I'll admit when Vexus debuted their aluminum boat I was underwhelmed. The glass ones though are a different animal. I especially like the fuel tank placement.
  4. kipp

    2019 Vexus AVX 2080

    2019 Vexus AVX 2080 Fiberglass Infused "Hybrid" Hull.It falls under the catagory Of An Aluminum .This is what Vexus is offering right now in a 20'2" 200 HP Rated Hull.It has a 95 "Beam..It's a pretty interesting boat.I read a little about this hull that was displayed at The 2019 Bass Masters...