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  1. gonefishing7903

    Toad fishing, what am I doing wrong?

    Ok I've given up on fishing hollow body frogs, just don't get bites and most went into the boxes of stuff for our upcoming garage sale. I had a couple of bags of toads in the boat though so I've been trying to learn them. Not too fond of the zoom horny toad, just doesn't make much comotion on...
  2. kipp

    Zoom "Green Pumpkin" Worms

    Im sitting here rigging a couple of rods, and thinking , you know this time of year I always have a Green Pumpkin zoom worm as my go to get up. Or maybe in my hand most of the time. Zoom bait co is about 60 miles NE of me and alot of others in my state, that have millions of bags of em.lol the...