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1982 Ranger 350v Bass Boat


New Member
May 21, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I finally bought my first bass boat and it turned into a huge project. I new the gauges where missing when I bought it, but never thought I would have this much trouble figuring out what is what.. So here it is, first I am trying to obtain a wiring diagram for the boat 1982 Ranger 350v Bass Boat with a 1986 150hp Johnson. I am also looking for information about two switches that are in the compartment for the gas tanks that look as thought they are for the trolling motor wire, next the switch that is next to the two manual pulls for the live wells, what is that switch for(its broke and no wires in sight. And it has two gas tanks and I notice a switch on the dash for tank 1 and two, but somehow they modified it with a manual lever...how can I get the electric flow switch. last the dash gauges, I have multiple holes and no idea what gauges and switches are suppose to be there. Any help is greatly appreciate, and thank you in advance with any advise...