1985 Laser LTV

Feb 10, 2013
Hi Everyone,
I'm a newbie here, my first post, so here goes.

I retired in 1999 and since have been really enjoyed life, trying to catchup on working 7-day rationing shifts for 28 years, I've spent most of this time building and flying RC airplanes, I'm a team member of Mac Hodges (Team Hodges) :eek: and we fly a 20' ft wing B-29/X-1 around the country, in fact, we leave in a couple days for South Fla. for a flyin this week end, we have traveled over 100k miles, since retiring.
Now thats out of the way-- why I'm posting:party0045:

I see that theres still a few Lasers around, I bought mine from Butch Jordan in Columbus Ga. , new ( March 1985), Butch did the initial setup and did a outstanding job, it would flutter your eye lids around the mid 80's:D. I fished in it until I retired, only been in the water few times after that, in fact last time I had it out was spring around 2008, has been stored and covered since.
I knew it had a soft spot in front of the passenger seat (Guess why, has something to do human nature and high speed He He:cheers:.
Anyway this has been a on going joke for many years, my life long fishing partner has pass on, but I will still keep it a secret in his memory :smile:.

As you can tell I have cutting that section out, I removed the carpet, which shows its age, I found dry rot around the drain cover.

I ordered all my cloth and supplies from US Composite in Tampa Fla, I got my wood from Lowe's, using 1/4" and 3/8 exterior plywood.
More to come, still got to get my engine ready and repack the wheel bearings.
One surprise when I joined I posted that my engine was a 225, I thinks, but after uncovering its a 200 hp, must be getting old :D.
Will post pictures later I have to cut them down alittle.

Leesburg, Ga.