A Day on the Lake with TheLove0427


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
Best Catch
TheLove0427 = Tom Love

We met at 6:00 am Cederwood Resorts ( http://www.cedarwoodresort.com/ )

Tom brought his brand new Phoenix, http://www.phoenixbassboats.com/
Once again , i have to say, i am very impressed with this boat, even more now that i have seen Tom's, The colors were out of the ordinary for Phoenix, i am so used to seeing the RED and White, Toms boat was Dark Blue/Royal Blue, this color combination was very sharp.

The Yamaha 250 SHO was very impressive when it came to the motor of this boat. Good Choice. I will let him tell you about the speeds..

We first took off to one of my sites,,,,,,,,,it wasnt happening, so we took off to another one of my sites, BINGO!!

We caught an array of fish, White Bass, Smallmouth, and Largemouth Bass.

We had a limit in the boat by 8:00am, it was sweet, the weather was a little chilly and the clouds were covering and the wind was blowing!!

Now I got to tell ya something, this is why i started the Share-A-Seat Program...........To meet some good people and to make some neat friends. Tom is one of the most euthiastic fisherman i have had the honor to be on the water with.........The Conversation was great in between catching some fish... A little Chilly, but no complaining from either of us!

I have to say, its people like Tom Love who make me enjoy my job, Great Fishing, Great Conversations and great Friends.

Tom, thanks for a hot morning in the cool weather!!!
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