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Darth VMAX

Allison Boats Officer
May 3, 2009
New from Allison Boats for 2013: The ALLISON 21XST


The new XST starts out as a blank canvas to speak and the customer can customize to personal specs. A Channel style single axel trailer and Allison is toying with CUSTOM WRAPS (see below) as part of the package.

All newly redesigned bow for flush mounting the larger electronics! But same fast, fuel efficient patented hull design as the other XB-21 boats!

Allison Advantages

  • 3.90 second Acceleration
  • Exceptional Fuel Mileage
  • Rough Water Ride & Handling
  • Keeping you dry
  • Multiple rod storage systems
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Floor space and huge deck space (9' long, over 43 sq. ft. of front casting area, 28 sq. ft. rear)
Rod & Tackle: With over 70 cu. ft. of volume Allison offers the most rod storage and versatility with 3 types of storage for up to 30 rods. (1.) Organized storage with holders and tubes, (2.) Quick-draw storage allows 5-second access to rods while protecting and keeping them from under foot until needed, and (3.) Bulk storage making it a snap to bundle all rods, stash them in the compartment, and dash back to the weigh-in. Additional quick-draw and other rod storage in the port side compartment can be ordered to almost double the rod storage capacity. A variety of Tackle boxes and trays are designed to hang just under the lids of 5 compartments with up to 12 positions. Other tucked away tackle and accessory boxes are available.

The XB-21 XST driver console has been expanded to flush mount up to 9” electronics! Plus there is room for two large gauges and four small gauges plus all the accessory switches at your fingertips. Allison hydraulic steering and a lever trim switch round out for maximum safety and performance.

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