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Another Laser for SAle


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Dec 23, 2009
Grayson, Ky



7K OBO out of the whole package, of coarse the money is in the motor. It is a 2006 150 Opti with 130 hours ( 10K for a new 2010) , opti cable $280, $500 Merc Monitor (monitors all sensors and gives any alarm codes) , $300 23 Tempest plus prop. I am asking 6K for the motor and all the controls plug and play. The boat is a 1991, 2 new Interstate batteries, 1 new Optima blue top starting battery, 1 hummingbird depth finder, 56# Motorguide. 3 new tires on trailer, all pumps work well. I am willing to split it up if you know someone who would want the engine. Let me know what you think, I would like to see someone have it, they are really getting fewer in numbers. The transom is flexing has been my problem with set-up and not getting speed. Partner didnt get the trailer in quite deep enough the other night and I power loaded it. I heard it crack and checked it the next day and found it was pulling the top of the splashwell back due to the flexing in at the bottom