Bass Boat Racing

Aug 29, 2015
Check out my website to my Bass Boat Racing Org .Website and click on this link .....'m working to promote a new ; entry level ; APBA club boat racing class on a national level ; for 70 MPH Bass Boats in Group C .... All the way up to Group A for only the most experienced drivers at the pro level for bass boat racing .... I've noticed all the YouTube videos of these Bass Boats going fast and all people that love driving them ....I thought that using some of the older "slightly used " Bass Boats I've seen setting around and forgotten about in someone's back yard would be a perfect fit for APBA circle track boat racing....

Don't worry this is all about APBA club boat racing ...... This idea wouldn't have anything to do with fishing tournaments or your favorite hidden fishing spot......Most boat races are held on major city's waterways and rivers where major crowds can gather .

Also Bass Boat Racing wouldn't be for brand new show stopping Bass Boats that are used for fishing and cruising .... A used bass boat outfit for under $15,000 can be fast enough and work great for racing in Group A , B , or C .

For all those people that that like to go fast in Bass Boats this could be great fun and help the sport of boat racing .... Also Bass Boat Racing could be another source of income for all the business that make high performance outboard parts and high performance propellers ; if it becomes popular.

To me when it comes to family fun on the water... its all good ..... Thanks !