bass traker 170tx

Feb 18, 2013
san marcos, tx, usa
A guy i work with has a 2007 bass tracker 170tx with a 50 hp mercury 2-stroke that he has at his lake house that he never uses because the lake is so low and his primary residence is 3 hrs away. he has the boat in a barn with a boat cover on it. he has only used the boat 4-5 times total and he says that it might have 25 hrs on it. he has shown me pictures and the boat looks brand new and he says its ready to go as far as whats on it such as trolling motor, fishfinder etc. he has offered to sell it to me for $6000 and said if im interested (which i am) he would have the whole boat looked at and serviced if needed, i told him that i might be interested, so he went and got the boat and he said the only thing wrong with it was the battery was dead. he replaced the battery and he said it fired right up. the last time he had it on the water was march last year and he said he started it once in october and it started right up. wanted to see if i could get some feedback on if this is a good deal because i love to bass fish and this would be my first bass boat. is this a good starter boat and is the price a good deal???