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Bayou Bug Jigs


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
Best Catch

Bayou Bug Jigs was founded on a boat, catching Bass with a friend. We had an idea and we ran with it. The concept was simple - Create a Jig that not only catches fish, but that also holds up to the abuse fisherman dish out, and to keep the cost affordable enough for the average fisherman to use. All too often these two goals collide and something has to give. Here at Bayou Bug Jigs we are determined to not budge on our initial concepts, and to hold true to our vision. We strive to make the best quality custom jigs at the lowest price possible, and we intend to keep it that way. We use what we consider to be the finest quality products to create a Jig you will not only love, but will brag about, and share with all your fishing buddies.

We will extend this concept to all of our products, and we intend to grow a line of baits that you will be proud to own.

Along the way we have developed friendships and we will share those friendships on our Partners page. We also have causes we support, such as our Disabled Veterans, who deserve the best of what America can provide, and we intend to share those organizations that support the ideals we believe in on our Partners Page as well.