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Building a 60's Skeeter - Could use some help


New Member
Sep 9, 2013
Houston, Texas, USA
I would like some assistance in building a Super Skeeter or original Skeeter, model C-1500 or C-1350 or similar. I did my best with owners pictures and old brochures but something just doesn't look right. If I continue with what I have so far, when standing in the boat my knees will be, at the most, one foot above the gunwales.

The pics are representative of shape only, the materials used for this is scrap laying around the garage... final build will be of proper materials.. marine ply, etc. (I hope I attached the pics correctly)

How you can help! I would be very appreciative if someone out there would allow me to measure your vintage Skeeter so I can create plans and build one for myself. I estimate about 2 hrs to obtain the measurements I need.

I am located in NW Houston and am looking for someone in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. An hour or two travel one way will not create an issue for me.

-Tight Lines-

concept pic1.jpg

concept pic2.jpg

concept pic3.jpg