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cougar from trap in southern Utah


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
Best Catch

PINE VALLEY, Washington County — The intense moments of a large cougar being released from a bobcat trap were caught on video, and the Division of Wildlife Resources employee talked about the unique experience.

DWR conservation officer Mark Ekins said he often responds to help trappers release cougars, which are accidentally caught in traps meant for coyotes or bobcats. Ekins said it is illegal to intentionally trap a cougar in Utah, and so when trappers discover a mountain lion in their trap, they are legally required to release the animal and report it to DWR officials within 48 hours.

While many of the large cougars are able to pull out of the traps and can free themselves, sometimes help is required to safely release the animal. Ekins said they prefer to use animal tranquilizer darts when possible, but that tranquilizers have to be kept in a main DWR office and he can't always get some when he is called to remote areas.